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Your life is an adventure. We help you remember your happiest moments as vividly and beautifully as they were.
Ten Beautiful Reasons
Take a tour behind our looking glass. We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and documenting their incredible stories. Click the titles of the portfolios below to view a sampling of the style you can expect when working with us.
Inspired Foto Fusions
While photography and videography are visual art mediums that stand on their own beautifully, there is a kind of magic that happens when the two are fused together. We offer foto/video fusions for Engagement and Back in the Dress sessions. Below is an example of an engagement foto/video fusion.
The story of us
“Paul and Jessie were front and center in two of our biggest life events, our wedding day and following the birth of our first child. We could not have asked for a more kind, fun and enjoyable team, couple and experience to document those priceless moments perfectly!”
- Mary Katherine & Ben

We are Pavel + Jessie Stehlik, and it has been our pleasure to work together since 1998. We started out as two photographers loving all things photography, and grew over the years into a team of professionals working to create extraordinary memories of our client's unforgettable celebrations.

The Stehlik Foto team is comprised of photographers, videographers, coordinators, hair stylists, makeup artists, and graphic designers - all working together to create a comprehensive and cohesive look for your wedding, while remembering that this day means more to you than "pinworthy" photos and poses. The images from your day will reflect the excitement, joy, and laughter that we found between poses, the real look you give your spouse - your new partner in crime - when you think no one is looking.

This is the story we tell. And we simply cannot imagine any other way to spend the time we have on this beautiful spinning rock hurtling through space. So, there’s that.
We believe that it is time to hit refresh on wedding photography.

Too often, engaged couples are swept into a whirlwind of trends and expectations - a whirlwind that takes the spontaneity out of a day that is often beautifully unscripted. We are delighted after every wedding to find *the* shot - the perfect shot that summarizes the feeling of the day. And that shot is never the shot the was planned or posed for.

The method behind our photographic madness is an exceedingly simple one: mutual trust, our client’s confidence in our abilities, and the freedom they feel to be themselves in front of the camera.

Once our clients feel that they can focus on simply enjoying the day instead of thinking about acting or posing a certain way, then the truth of that day - the happiness and love of the celebration - will find its way into our images.

We are inspired by you. Bring your personality and let’s do this.



We can be fancy.


There is a lot of focus placed on creating “the perfect wedding day”. And while we are so incredibly honored to be a part of that day, we also realize that the wedding day is just the beginning of a lifetime of experiences that you will share as a couple.

To an outsider it may seem crazy, but the term “postnuptial depression” has actually entered the wedding lexicon in the past few years. It is an emotion brought on by the sudden realization that a single day’s event that you’ve spent a minimum of six months preparing for is now over.

So we’ve created website that serves as a “happy space” for people to move forward - from planning their wedding adventure into planning their own personal bucket list of adventures that they create and share together. It’s a shoestring creation that is still growing, but if you share the belief that the best is yet to come *after* the wedding, then we invite you to join us at www.thislife.is.